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Herbal Tea Recipe-Cold Soother

Disclaimer:  I believe in the therapeutic and healing properties of herbs.  I personally use several of them for my own personal use.  I have studied herbs and herbal healing for over twenty five years and I am still learning.

I am not under any circumstances recommending or suggesting that you replace your current medication with herbs or giving you any kind of medical advice and under no circumstances am I prescribing these herbs to you.  I spend a lot of time researching and testing my combinations on myself and my family. Always and I cannot stress that enough, research and ask questions about all herbs that you are not familiar with.  Always cross-reference your research because some herbs do affect some medications when taken together.

Always consult with your Medical Doctor before taking or consuming any herbs.

Cold Soother Herbal Tea

2 parts Peppermint
1 part Nettle
1/2 part Yarrow
1 part Lavender
2 parts Spearmint
1 part Mullein

To make a full pitch of tea: Boil five cups of water and pour over the herbs.  Cover and allow to steep for approximately 20 minutes. Never boil the herbs with the water because it causes the medicinal properties of the herbs to evaporate.  You can add a little honey if you want some sweetness.  This tea is excellent warm or cold and can be drank a few times a day.


  1. This tea sounds wonderful!! I bet this is great one for summer time in the south especially. I love trying out herbs and anything that promotes good health. I believe almost everything that can be treated can be treated with herbs :)

    1. I have always believed that Dawn. Herbs go so back that they are actually mentioned in the Bible. The only bad thing about herbs today, is the pollution. and using pesticides on them. That is one reason I grow organically without pesticides.