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This has become one o f my favorite dishes.  Black Bean Burgers on Naan Bread is a very inexpensive sandwich and is nutritious because the Naan Bread is fried without any "Oil", the burgers have portabella mushrooms, green onion, black beans and more.  With the spices I added, these veggie burgers are spicy and has a little heat, but not to where it is not enjoyable.

When it comes eating low sodium foods, I have had to rewrite a lot of my favorite recipes.  There is a site that sells wonderful products for people with High Blood Pressure called Healthy Heart.  They sodium free baking things like baking soda and baking powder for cooking.  Do you realize how much sodium is in baking soda and baking powder?  A LOT! Anyway, Healthy Heart sells a ton of products that is really wonderful for folks with High Blood Pressure.

The recipes on Low-Sodium Sandwich Wraps is something that I know you will enjoy.  As always you can alter the recipes to fit your own taste.

Making apple-butter is not delicious, but it also makes a wonderful Christmas gifts.  You can make the apple-butter place it in a basket with some homemade bread, add the recipe card add few more small items and you have not only a great gift but a gift that comes from the heart.

One of my most favorite vegetables is cauliflower.  I created this recipe one day when I wanted something different and healthy.  These spicy baked cauliflower cakes are not only delicious, but they are not hard to make.

Yes, you can make homemade cheese and it is not that hard to do.  The only thing about this cheese for me is I add very little if any salt.  Adding the salt will boost the flavor greatly.  But depending on what you eat it with, this is truly a must try recipe.

Although I am half Italian, I can honestly say Lasagna is not one of my most favorite dishes.  However, my brother loves it and usually wants that for his birthday dinner, and my husband love it so I have to make it at least twice a year.  There are a ton of recipes for Lasagna, this just so happens is my version.


  1. All I can say is...YUM!!! I loved these ideas, they are so creative, and I can't wait to try a few :)
    Im google plus 1 -ing this and I'll tweet it too :)

    1. Thanks, One of my favorites is the Black Bean Burgers-Yum!