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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to my Kitchen

Often in the Kitchen I feel like a mad-scientist, actually it is pretty funny to watch.  My cooking is very much like my artwork and photography, I like uniqueness, different and I am not afraid to experiment.  Don't get me wrong, many of my recipes have turned out awful but then I have those days that my recipes comes out pretty much okay.

I try my best to incorporate more of a healthier note, with a twist of sweetness.  Just because many of us have health issues does not mean we need to give up everything we love to eat.  All that needs done is altering the recipe. I have a wicked sweet tooth, and if I do not give it something sweet it lets me know.  

When it comes to cooking there is one real important rule to remember:  Experimenting can be so much fun because it gives you a chance to use your creativity, so do not be afraid to experiment! My biggest problem with this is very seldom do I measure ingredients when this happens, the recipe never comes out the same.  So recently I made a really good chilli that my husband liked and I decided I better write down the spices and the measurements for the next time I make it.  So I have a sticky note on the front of my fridge with measurements but forgot to write down what it was for.In my recipes very seldom will you see me using salt. Instead I use a lot of spices so it is up to you to decide if you want to add salt or not.

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