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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Low Carb Links

New to low-carbs but learning

I am a co-writer on my friend Dawn Gagnon blog called The Low Carb Kitchen.  In the process of learning about low-carbs I have also created a few different recipes that I would like to share the links to.  One of my newest loves in the kitchen is using almond flour, flax-seed meal and wheat bran instead of white flour.  Instead of using fresh eggs in my baking, I now use No-Egg and instead of using oils like canola and vegetable oil I use coconut oil.

Since I have changed my eating habits a lot, I still wanted to be able to have things like chocolate chip cookies and muffins, except now I bake them very healthy.  They may not taste exactly like a regular chocolate chip cookie, but they are good and they cure the craving.

Some my recent recipes I wrote for the low carb kitchen:

I will admit, Almond Flour is not the cheapest flour.  You can easily make your own by grounding up some raw almonds.  If you can find Raw Almonds on sale, purchase them and what you do not use right away, keep in your freezer.  

As with all recipes when you are using new ingredients and more natural things, the taste is going to be different.  Like I mentioned earlier, my recipe for the chocolate chip cookies may be different than regular ones, but I really like them and they take care of my craving.

Should you try any of these recipes, please stop by and drop a note and share how you liked them.


  1. Very true the taste will be a little different but that is when our commitment to change our lifestyles truly become tested. I like the healthy stuff a lot, tastes great to me..

    1. Me too Dawn. I actually love cooking with almond flour instead of wheat or white flour. The taste is better, and the health benefits are better.